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Posted by martin.karlsch Sun, 08 Apr 2007 22:49:00 GMT

I had so many things to do that i nearly forgot to post a little note to this blog that I finished my masterthesis about a month ago. You can have a look at it, if you are interested. The thesis is about a framework for model-driven DSL (domain specific language) development. The framework is written in Python and suited for the development of new languages. The paper covers the process and currently available tools in detail, especially what model-driven language development means and which benefits are possible. With DSLs in Ruby, the Eclipse TMF project, oAW xText, AMMA TCS or the upcoming IBM Safari toolset for domain specific language development are a hotter topic than ever. Martin Fowler wrote about language workbenches some time ago. A somewhat unscientific view, as he missed many solutions existing in the research community like LISA, TXL or ASF+SDF. However he spotted the trend. Simple compiler compilers were yesterday. Today ideally the complete tool chain should be generated (parser, IDE, debugger, …). This has yet to come. The thesis adds some fragments from a model-driven perspective on language development.

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  1. Anastasios Hatzis said 25 days later:
    Hi Martin, congratulations for your good work. Martin v. Löwis gave me the URL of your site where I found your master-thesis. Although I didn't understand everything in your master-thesis, I was very impressed. As the author of the model-driven development project pyswarm [] I'm pretty interested in whatever has to do with Python and MDE. Current pyswarm release 0.7.1 is a prototype and the parsing, transformation and generation parts in the code base are in really bad shape (though working somehow), since I have started with them as my Python skills were even worse than now. ;-) So I plan to re-design it from scratch. Especially I want to add support for XMI formats of other UML tools and UML2 models of Python-based tools. I assume you understand if this is causing me some head-ache, particularily the XMI incompatibilities :) If you don't mind, I would like to email you soon and discuss your experiences with these issues. Thank you, Anastasios
  2. Klaus Ries said 29 days later:
    Hi Martin, congratulations also from my end :-) From the BMW side I am happy to support (not in €€€ but what I can do) open source as much as possible such that we can take Python based MDA of the shelve. An important example is indeed the python toolchain to support ECore2 based transformations. Actually Christian Knüchel will now try to generate the editor, so we are moving along. The primary goal here is, however, to generate pyDev extensions for our testing language services. Klaus


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